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Thanks to Dr. Dipti’s guidance and support, I am now in a much better place. I feel more confident, more resilient, and more hopeful about the future. I am so grateful for her expertise, kindness, and compassion, and I would recommend her to anyone seeking therapy.
Mary is amazing. I feel like she understands me better than most people which creates a really safe environment for me. She asks questions to help guide my thinking and also informs me of theories and frameworks that I can use to support myself. As well as individual sessions, my husband and I have had some couple sessions with her and these have been really valuable. Her ability to paraphrase in a meaningful way, helps us to become more self aware and aware of each others thoughts and feelings. I honestly don't know where I would be without Mary.
I have been working with Mary for around two years now. She has helped me immensely with my understanding of my ADHD and anxiety. I see my weekly/bi-weekly sessions and "massages for my brain". I often come in with unorganized thoughts from the week, then she listens intently and helps organize my thoughts. She always give objective feedback in a warm manner.
For many years, I always thought there was something wrong with me, and then when I moved overseas, the issues I was having emerged at the forefront of my life. It was hard for me to get out of bed, and I was struggling with harming myself. A friend… introduced me to Dr. Hyatt, a Clinical Health Psychologist. He helped guide me through depression, and he helped me to see I need to find ways to work on processing events in my life. He helped me to recognize my PTSD, and he gave me the tools to work through it. I am so grateful to Dr. Hyatt and his team. It wasn’t easy to work through my past traumas, but it has helped me to be successful as I continue to work overseas. It is a reminder for others who are struggling right now, there are people who can come alongside you to combat many of the situations you face at this very moment.
An International Teacher
Many thanks to Dr. Chan for all the support and help. She always approached our conversations with professional knowledge and caring.
A few months back I was having issues in my personal as well as professional life. I had 5-7 sessions with Dr. Dipti. With each session I grew clarity and confidence in life and on my capabilities. Her methods are scientific as well as compassionate. Deep state sessions in particular were very impactful. Her approach is not mechanical rather it is customized to the particular individual. I thank her for my recovery. Anyone who is reading this and looking for professional help, I would suggest you go to Dr. Dipti for well-being support.
CALM International is well known amongst the international schools in China. We first approach them to conduct seminars and workshops for our school counsellors. Their capabilities were well received and eventually expanded to services for the school community. Their support has been especially evident when the school was struck with the trauma of suicide and the accidental death of a faculty member.

CALM International supported so many students over the years and a widely diverse group of students male, female, gay, and straight; of various nationalities, and ethnic groups.

I certainly made full use of CALM International’s resources. Sometimes it was to have a sounding board and validation for therapeutic intervention and ideas with a particular student and family.

CALM International is such an invaluable resource for the school counsellors and me.
Bernie L
ex High School Counselor, WAB Beijing
Dr Hyatt of CALM International is experienced, knowledgeable and effective in his methods. He knows me better than myself. He empathized and gave me the safe space needed for me to process my experience and emotions, and was able to develop ways to perk my interest during my depression and start my healing journey. I strongly recommend Dr. Hyatt and CALM International to any organizations or individuals wishing to make lives better for themselves!
Enoch L
A client
Dr Stephen-Claude Hyatt and his team are like an extended family to me over the years. The skills of a doctor comprise hard and soft skills, and with Doctor Stephen-Claude, both these skills were clearly visible. He taught me the skills to make me think and act better while giving me the proper emotional intelligence tools, These allows me to make better judgement calls pertaining to life events, both big and small. I am happy and fortunate to know this big family and hope that others will also welcome this “family” into their lives.
A Grateful Patient
I started to see Dr. Cope during the pandemic while living in Beijing, China. He has greatly supported me when I experience anxiety and need to make hard decisions. He empowers me and allows me to feel and process life experiences confidently and with ease. Dr. Cope is the kind of therapist everyone would like to have, someone who fosters empathy, compassion, and healing. After each session, I can reflect and use different tools and techniques to cope with stressful situations. He stands out for me as an ethical, thoughtful, kind, and wise therapist. I would recommend him to others, and I have already done so.
Anonymous Patient
Although it was very difficult for me at first, with the company and encouragement of the teacher, I got through it. Now, I have begun to return to the right track and focus on more important things, such as my entrance exam. I am also very grateful to Teacher Chen for her company these past few months. If I hadn't had these few consultations, maybe I would still struggle in the quagmire.
Student, 18 years old
If you are looking for someone to listen and help you through past and present issues, this is the best place to get that. There's never a lame session, but in every session with Marlon, you learn something new about yourself.
Anonymous Patient
JingC is very professional, and chatting with her is very comfortable. What she does is not tell you 'how to solve it,' but rather gives you an example of 'talking to yourself.' Despite having read many psychology books, after communicating with her, I broke through my blind zone and entered a whole new world. We should risk doing what we at heart have always longed to do: to reveal some of the fear, sadness, and angst we genuinely feel to those we care about. We will be helped in our pain, remind others of their capacities, and if we are fortunate, we'll set a precedent that means others will one day bring a few of their problems to us in turn.
C. 19 years old
I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to my therapist, Dr Dipti. When I first started seeing her, I was struggling with anxiety, depression, and relationship issues. I felt lost and overwhelmed, and I didn't know how to move forward. Dr Dipti was a guiding light during this difficult time. She created a safe and supportive space for me to explore my emotions and thoughts without judgment. She listened to me with empathy and helped me gain new perspectives on my problems. She taught me coping skills and gave me tools to manage my anxiety and depression. She also helped me understand how my past experiences were impacting my present, and how I could break free from negative patterns.
Words would be less to express my gratitude towards Dr. Dipti because I mean it when I say she changed my life. The way she dealt with my problems left me dumbfounded because I never thought from that perspective, the ideas and solutions she gave made me think a lot and amend my ways. I’ve never encountered someone whose aura screams calmness, peace and happiness. Her one glance had the power to bring relief to my face because I knew I could trust her with anything and everything and she would be my saviour. The techniques she gave me proved helpful and I’m gonna keep working on myself. Whatever I am after our last session and whatever positive changes I’ll encounter in future will be because of her. I’m glad I got a chance to meet someone like her and get her as my counsellor.
As a host and trainer in workshops, Dr Hyatt of CALM International elucidated mental wellness concepts clearly and also made it relatable and approachable for those who might not be keen on the topic. He is exceptionally engaged with the participants, knowing when to stop and let them reflect, when to interact and prompt discussion, when to continue with the content, and when to be flexible with the messages and flow of the workshop.
Managing Director, Bearapy
I’ve been having sessions with Dr. Cope and CALM International for about 9 months now, and it’ll be no exaggeration to say that they’ve saved my life.
In conclusion, I’m extremely grateful to be having sessions with Dr. Cope. I’ve seen the results since day one, and every time we finish our meeting, I feel more mature, confident, and simply happy. Since we started, I’ve been living the life I’ve always dreamed of but didn’t dare try leading, and now I feel very good every day. I believe everyone should have these kinds of sessions, even just to make sure they stay on track of THEIR life goals.
Dr Cope has had a lasting impact on my ability to cope with a long history of trauma. From our first meeting, he made me feel incredibly at ease, giving me time and space to tell my story by whatever means worked for me. He is incredibly intuitive and was able to guide me toward confronting some huge hurdles that were a barrier to my happiness and I'm incredibly happy to say that today I am free from those barriers. Dr Cope has a great sense of humour and is incredibly intelligent. When things were in the darkest of places, he was able to create a space for me to just sit and be safe and, if it was appropriate, he would use that humour and intelligence to help bring me back into a world that I felt I had the tools to succeed in.
Anonymous Patient
I am truly indebted to Dr Theo Cope, who through his treatment strategy enabled me to be more balanced and objective, by way of recognising and re-evaluating faulty and unhelpful mental perspectives and in the process, effect a change in my attitude, outlook and approach towards facing instead of avoiding fear.
I hope to have just the right amount of perceivable emotional care during the consultation, and to avoid over-reliance on the consultant. Jing and I have created such a good intimate relationship, and achieved the original intention of my decision to consult which was to discover my abilities. This discovery was completed through Jing's constant guidance and understanding of the negative emotions I wanted to avoid, which helped me see the weak side of my strength.
I am very, very grateful to you for assisting me in coming out. You have helped me a lot, Jing Chen!
Client C, 27 years old
Seeking counselling is not an easy thing for me, especially in some cities in China where it is hard to find the right counsellors. That's why when I moved to Shanghai, I thought it might be the right time and place to start getting some counselling help. Under the recommendation of CALM International, I met my consultant, Chen Jing. I have never regretted my decision this time. Her kindness and openness made me feel safe from the beginning of the consultation, which was very important to me. Her professionalism helped me face the problems I encountered with honesty and confidence. The advice she gave me was very useful and she continued to support me. I would be more than happy to recommend her to anyone who needs advice.
Client V, 27 years old
I have emerged a better and more objective person from my invaluable sessions with him, for which I remain in his gratitude. I believe in our journey through life we are at one time or another, enriched and blessed by those who effect significant positive changes in ourself. In this regard, I would indeed count Dr Theo Cope as one of such individuals whom I am referring to.
Marlon was really flexible. Accommodated a mix of In-person, Video-call and Phone-call sessions. In a relatively short period of time, I’ve experienced significant progress, thanks to his sessions. Forever grateful.
Anonymous Patient
Mary is a very professional, patient and insightful counsellor, who is capable of counselling people from all kinds of backgrounds. She helped me discover many things about myself without pressure or judgement, and went above and beyond to offer support when I needed it.
Having the awareness to practice self-care, manage stress and avoid burnout is vitally important for those in the caring profession.

The ability of those in the social service sector to put their best foot forward to serve their clients is directly correlated to how well they are emotionally and physically.

We have partnered with Dr Stephen-Claude Hyatt and CALM International to develop and deliver a 2-day programme to equip social work professionals with useful knowledge and tools, to intentionally focus on, and manage their own well-being.

Dr. Hyatt has the ability to make all participants feel at ease and receptive to learning. He uses a unique mix of foundational psychology theory and practical real-world examples to put his message across.

In addition, he teaches simple and practical methods like progressive muscle relaxation and mindful relaxation techniques to make lessons fun and immediately useful.

We are thankful to have this opportunity to partner with Dr. Hyatt and CALM International to bring to the fore the need for the social service sector to prioritise their own self-care and well-being.
Mr. Gerard C
Organisation Development Manager
A Community Services in Singapore
Just over two years ago, to my good fortune I was recommended to Dr Cope to help address the period of spiralling health anxiety which I was facing. I was put at ease throughout the therapy sessions, and I felt my journey to heal was, with and through a trusted friend who displayed such tremendous patience, generosity in sharing knowledge, who had great understanding and most importantly, a genuine willingness to help.

In hindsight I realised now, Dr Cope drew on his vast knowledge, experience and exposure to enable me to rely on and have faith in my own positive qualities and core beliefs. This step-by-step journey effectively contributed a lot to my mental health healing and recovery process.
Patient B
I sought out advice and counselling without knowing where it would lead me to. The sessions were comfortable and Marlon was easy to relate with - a mix between a father figure and a bro.
Anonymous Patient
Marlon was attentive, intuitive and very accommodating. The sessions were very flexible and affordable. I’ve definitely seen huge developments since I started and I recommend it to all of my friends.
Anonymous Patient
Even though most of my consultations are done through a computer screen, the power of attention and care is penetrating and has helped me complete a period of rapid growth. Everyone deserves to create such a safe atmosphere for themselves and to see their own strengths."
Patient W, 28 years old
A few months ago, I encountered some emotional matters, and Teacher Chen was the psychological counsellor arranged for me. Although this wasn't the first time I had received psychological counselling, I was still very worried about whether I could confide what I wanted to say in my heart. After meeting the teacher, she smiled and guided me patiently, listening to everything I said. During this process, I felt very relaxed and not as nervous as before. In addition, the teacher was more like a friend. She shared some similar experiences she had, gave me some suggestions, and answered some of the doubts I had raised. The teacher has always stood by me, and helped me face my problems together instead of blindly escaping.
Anonymous Patient

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As always, very good service for the Recall notice, and some service also done at the same time. I just had to get the tires changes
Patrick Webster
As always, very good service for the Recall notice, and some service also done at the same time. I just had to get the tires changes
Patrick Webster
As always, very good service for the Recall notice, and some service also done at the same time. I just had to get the tires changes
Patrick Webster

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