Professional Team

Dr. Dipti Yadav

Psychologist, Life Coach

Dr. Dipti Yadav is an empathetic and committed psychologist from India. She has been offering psychological support and intervention for psychological well-being. She has been helping clients with issues ranging from relationship management & Self-Esteem to Stress, Anxiety, Phobia & Depression. She offers Family Therapy, Marriage and couples Therapy, Life Coaching, and Group Counseling support along with individual therapy sessions. She uses an integrated therapeutic approach and applies techniques from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Positive Psychology.

Dr Dipti has worked extensively as a counsellor with educational institutes of repute in India for over 20 years. She has facilitated the process of career planning for children and adolescents using their detailed psychometric profile. She has helped parents and educators to deal with growing concern of Digital Media Addiction. She also provides training to teachers, parents and young psychology interns.

Dr Dipti is a registered and licensed psychologist with Rehabilitation Council of India. She holds a Doctorate in Psychology from University of Rajasthan, Green Belt certification as a Global Career Counsellor form Univariety & University of California, Los Angeles. She is a certified hypnotist accredited by The General Hypnotherapy Standards Council (UK) and a Neuro- Linguistic Programming Coach. She is a member of Association of Rehabilitation Professionals and Parents, India.

Marlon Simpson

LPA, ASDI Associate Clinical Psychologist

Mr Simpson is a Licenced Associate Clinical Psychologist, pursuing doctoral studies with an emphasis on trauma. A graduate of the University of the West Indies, he holds a diploma in Ministerial Studies and another in Psychology, a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theology, a Master of Science Degree in Clinical Psychology, and is certified as an Autism Spectrum Disorder Informed Therapist.

Mr. Simpson has worked with the REVAMP Centre at St. Joseph’s hospital in Jamaica, where he has administered neuropsychological assessments, and behavioural modification for patients who have had traumatic brain injuries. He is also an Associate Clinical Psychologist at the Rehabilitation Institute of the Caribbean, and has worked as an Associate Clinical Psychologist with a company based in Belize, also in the Caribbean, as well as working remotely with the Jamaican Embassy in Beijing, China.

In his practice, he has worked with a wide range of clients, both adults and children. Specifically, he creates treatment plans for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder. His undergraduate degree encapsulated research on levels of PTSD in the police force based on rank and gender. His masters research paper addressed resilience of children in state care. The doctoral project centres around stroke and levels of PTSD in patients.

Most importantly, I am the proud father of one son, Micah who I dedicate my life to raising well.

Heather Pineda

Counselor, and Educational Psychologist

Heather Pineda is an enthusiastic and dedicated counselor who has been treating young adults and their families for over ten years using an integrative approach. Her training in Psychotherapy allows her to be effective in helping clients overcome complex post-traumatic stress disorder, mood disorders, self-destructive behaviors such as substance abuse and non-suicidal self-injury. She incorporates her extensive educational and educational psychology training to assist adolescents, teens, and families develop strength-based pathways and she has always enjoyed working with adolescents and families to develop comprehensive action plans.

Born in the United States, she has worked in various settings within schools and large organizations in the United States, China, Singapore, and Vietnam and is fluent in English and Spanish.

Heather incorporates positive psychology and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to support children, adolescents, teens, and adults with ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder and families to overcome emotional and behavioral difficulties.

Heather is a certified counselor in the United States with a Master of Arts (MA) in counseling from Prairie View Texas A & M University. Heather also received her post-graduate certificate of professional practice in Educational Psychology from the University of Dundee in Scotland. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. from the Universidad Internacional Iberoamericana in Psychology with a focus on Educational Psychology.

Heather is a member of the American Counseling Association (ACA) and the British Psychological Society (BPS). In addition to supporting clients online, she She continues to work in school settings supporting students with special education needs in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Zhu LiGang

Psychological Counselor

Mr. Ligang Zhu is a Chinese national who was graduated in 2006 from Nanjing Medical University and his major was Clinical psychology, and he applied to have further education in this area at Beijing Normal University since 2006 to 2009, his major was applied Psychology. His working language is Chinese.

Ligang Zhu is good at depression and anxiety management, communication skills and marriage counseling. He has become one of Chinese second level psychological counselors since 2016, and has received regular supervision since 2020. Now he lives in Hangzhou with a 8-year-old son.

After graduation, Ligang Zhu first worked in 2009-2011 as an EAP manager at ZTE Corperation (Zhong Xing Telecom Equipment), employing more than 50,000 staff. During this period, Ligang established a systematic and multi-level EAP service system, which provided psychological counseling, psychology-related training, and crisis intervention for ZTE employees andtogether with other professional counselors as a team.

After leaving ZTE, he became the president of Zhengzhou Psychological Counselors Association and provided individual counseling as well as marriage counseling. He also provided counseling to clients across China via video consultation. In his 13 years as a counselor, he has provided thousands of hours to more than 500 clients. He also gave psychological training, crisis intervention, communication skills, and pressure/emotion management and other seminars both at ZTE and other organizations.

There he also attained various seminars like hypnosis, marriage counseling, Solution-Focused Brief Therapy, psychoanalysis, etc. Through clinical internships in hospitals and consultation in consulting institutions, he successfully acquired knowledge in solving sub-clinical psychological problems.

Ligang is willing to continue supporting and helping those people who might be facinge stress and anxiety. He is also capable, of guiding those under work pressure, or who are motivated to work on career development or interpersonal.

Jing Chen

Clinical Mental Health Counsellor

Jing Chen is a Clinical Mental Health Counsellor, who has been working in the Education field for the last 9 years. After high school, she went to the U.S. for her Bachelor’s Degree, where she attended the University of Oregon, and also graduated from business school. She also had a minor in Nonprofit Organization Management, focused on Education and Animal Protection. She then received her master's degree in clinical mental health counseling from Palo Alto University. Now she is a Canadian Certified Counsellor.

Previously, she held different roles in the Education field. She was a volunteer teacher for two years, and taught primary school students. She was also a marketing manager and an education consultant in an education company that provide services for Chinese students who study abroad. In addition, as a clinical mental health counsellor, Jing has worked in clinical and school settings in Shanghai. Her working experiences in different international schools have enriched her exposure to different age groups, from 3 to 18 years old, and the dynamics of expatriate families. Moreover, she is very familiar with the international school systems in China. Jing considers herself as a “third culture adult”, which provides her a deep understanding of people with diverse backgrounds. She works with individuals, couples, and adolescents.

In the recent four years, she spent lots of time working with young adults (ages 19 -35), as well as teenagers and children (ages 4-18). Jing has experience in Solution Focused Brief Therapy, Gestalt Therapy, Cognitive Behavior Therapy, Emotion Focused Therapy, and Motivational Interviewing, and utilizes an integrated approach in working with clients.

Her Specialty: Depression, Anxiety, ADD, ASD, Anger Management, Challenging behaviors

Languages: Mandarin, English

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