Corporate Performance

Our corporate mental health and wellness services are designed to promote positivity in the workplace and help your employees thrive.

Corporate Performance

Creating a workplace that promotes employee mental health and wellbeing is essential in today’s world. In the modern work environment, mental health and wellness can often be neglected. Mental health issues such as anxiety, depression, and stress are on the rise and can decrease productivity and morale, while also increasing costs associated with employee turnover, absenteeism, and medical expenses.

Our corporate mental health and wellness services are designed to overall promote a positive work environment and help your employees thrive at work and beyond the office. We provide comprehensive services for both employers and employees, which include:

Psychological Assessments:

Our assessments help employers identify potential mental health risks and provide practical solutions for preventing and managing mental health issues. We offer assessments of Cognition & Personality, Employee Motivation, and Employee Satisfaction.

Employee Assistance Programmes:

Our EAPs allow organizations to respond to the multiple intersections of their employees lives that constrain optimal functioning. We provide the following in packages customized to the needs of each organization: Lunchtime Treats (bite-size coaching sessions), Counselling & Psychotherapy for employees and their family, Executive Coaching for members of management, Relationship Coaching, On-site & Online crisis Intervention & Trauma Response, Overseas Posting Preparation & Reintegration (for employees and their family), and Staff Conflict & Mediation. 

Workshops & Seminars:

We provide customised mental health and wellness workshops based on the unique needs of your organisation, where we will work with you to determine which topics are most pertinent to enhancing the efficiency and growth of your organisation and its employees. Click here for more information.