School Wellness

We provide mental health and wellness services to schools and students to support academic success and overall well-being.

School Wellness

Positive mental health and wellness are essential for every student’s well-being and academic success. They are also critical in aiding teachers to perform at their best. At CALM International, we provide specialized mental health and wellness services to schools, ensuring that the students and faculty are equipped to succeed and thrive in the classroom and beyond.

Schools today face many challenges with regard to the mental health and well-being of their students. With increasing demands on students, rising rates of mental health problems, and limited resources, schools are struggling to meet the needs of their students. We are committed to helping schools address these challenges through comprehensive mental health and wellness services. Every student deserves the opportunity to thrive and succeed, and we are dedicated to helping schools create a supportive and inclusive environment for all.

We provide a broad range of mental health and wellness services to schools and their students. Our services include:

Student Mental Health Assessments:

Our developmental and psychoeducational assessments help to evaluate student functioning across various domains and answer questions about factors that impact student learning and behaviour. The assessments can be specific or comprehensive and provide diagnoses and recommendations for parents, teachers and the student, thus optimizing the student’s strengths and address their weaknesses.


We provide consultation services in the form of clinical supervision for School Counsellors and executive coaching for members of the Administrative Team. Beyond supervision and coaching, we assist counsellors in establishing customised school counselling programs, school safety policies, case conferences where counsellors analyze tough situations and plan treatment methods, individual consulting on specific cases, and suicide risk prevention programs. We help administrative teams develop school policy (e.g., Anti-bullying Policy, Positive Discipline Policy), create psychological profiles of potential leadership and administrative team members, facilitate mediation and conflict resolution sessions, and provide psychological assessments for staff.

Workshops & Seminars:

We develop, conduct and evaluate workshops, trainings, seminars, lecture series and conferences on numerous topics based on the unique needs of each individual school community. Click here for more information.

Crisis Intervention & Trauma Response:

Our particular expertise in understanding various forms of trauma and crisis informs our delivery of appropriate and effective interventions. We respond on-site to suicide, death, verbal and physical sexual assault, natural and man-made disasters, accidents, as well as employee departures. We provide video and in-person group and family counselling, as well as individual coaching and psychotherapy sessions.

Job Placement for Staff:

We are trained in assessing potential employees, in order to determine if they are the best fit for a particular role. It is also important, taking into account Child Safety and Protection concerns, that a particular teacher or member of staff is indeed suitable to be around children. Therefore, the personality of the individual, as well as their moral compass, personal philosophy and beliefs must also be assessed. Our team is uniquely qualified to accomplish this, by utilising standardised assessment tools and instruments to help you in your hiring process.