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CALM International understands that many hours of our waking day are spent in service of our places of employment. Productive, efficient and collaborative workplaces require staff that are both physically and psychologically well. The health, wellness and dependability of staff are constrained by the usual suspects: divorce, death of a loved one, illness, family life, child-rearing, financial responsibilities, depression and anxiety, and unexpected crises, to name a few.

Through its provision of the following services, CALM International partners with corporate entities to develop programmes that promote employee wellbeing. We appreciate that the wellness quotient of an organization is measured by the psychological health of its least satisfied and fulfilled employee.

  • Cognitive and Personality:

    Measures and evaluates employee cognitive abilities (e.g., abstract reasoning, memory, processing speed, problem-solving) and personality traits (e.g., openness, conscientiousness, extraversion-introversion).

  • Employee Motivation:

    Evaluates the presence of factors that influence employee behaviour towards the achievement of organizational goals.

  • Employee Satisfaction:

    Appraises the degree to which employees are pleased with the mandate and objectives of the organization, and their role within same.

Employee Assistance Programmes (EAPs)
  • EAPs allow organizations to respond to the multiple intersections of their employees lives that constrain optimal functioning (e.g., roles within their family; mental illness; interpersonal conflict). CALM International provides the following in packages customized to the needs of each organization:

    Lunchtime Treats: Bite-size, solution-focused, coaching sessions

    Counselling and Psychotherapy for employees and their family.

    Executive Coaching supports members of management and senior management clarification of career goals, overcoming challenges and seizing opportunities toward professional productivity and development.

    Relationship Coaching provides insights, tools and strategies that promote meaningful professional and personal relationships.

    On-site and Online Crisis Intervention and Trauma Response (see Schools)

    Preparation for Overseas Posting - (For employee and family, individual sessions and group orientation workshops on life as an expatriate)

    Reintegration from Overseas Posting – (For employee and family, workshops and individual sessions aimed at mitigating reverse culture-shock and promoting reassimilation)

    Staff Conflict- Resolution and Mediation

    Workshop, Trainings and Seminars

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