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Cognitive psychology is the science of how we think and process information. It involves the study of internal mental processes – all the workings inside our brain, including the collection of information, perception, thinking, decision-making, memory, attention, language, problem-solving and learning. Cognition Approach to Life Management [CALM] International makes it our mission to provide access for anyone who aspires to achieve better mental well-being. Everyone deserves access to the care and resources they need to achieve their mental health goals and live healthy, balanced life. At CALM International, we are committed to providing high-quality mental health and wellness services by qualified and clinically trained psychologists. We strive to provide our services without discrimination to individuals from all walks of life regardless of age, sexual orientation, and socio-economic background. To accomplish this, we have a comprehensive approach to therapy, and the psychological approach we utilize is dependent on the specific case.

We believe in the importance of proactive mental health care and early intervention to promote long-term mental wellness for our patients and clients. We understand that mental health disorders can often be the result of not prioritizing proactive care, which is why we are keen to help individuals establish healthy habits and strategies for maintaining excellent and lasting mental well-being.

Our practice strives to provide a supportive, non-judgmental environment where clients feel safe, heard, and understood. We are dedicated to provide the best possible care, and to that end, we collaborate with renowned clinicians from around the world to ensure that our clients have access to the most effective, evidence-based support and solutions available.

Through the application of Cognitive Science, along with other psychological approaches; we help our clients arrive at better choice-based decisions. We alleviate stress, trauma, grief, and depression; help break addictions; improve communication between couples; optimize learning and work habits; overcome low self-esteem, anxiety, learning disabilities, speech/language disorders, and any other challenges.

Online or Offline?

CALM International embraces the advent of technology whilst recognising the importance of in-person in-the-real engagement. Whilst we prefer to meet and interact with our clients in the real; we recognise the limitations of that desire in the current reality. We adapt to holding therapy sessions online and our clients have come to realize the convenience of this practice and enjoy the privacy and added layer of discretion it provides.

Dr. Stephen-Claude HYATT

CALM International Co-founder
Clinical Health Psychologist and Traumatologist

Stephen-Claude is an experienced psychologist, traumatologist, and founding member of CALM International. He brings a wealth of experience to the practice, having previously held positions as Head of the Mental Health Department at International SOS Beijing and a member of the trauma response team at the Jamaican Ministry of Education. He has over two and a half decades of experience as a clinician, with seventeen of those years being in Asia working with expats and various Asian cultures.

He received his training from the University of the West Indies, Harvard Medical School and Fielding Graduate School, and the Wiesbaden Academy of Psychotherapy. He has worked with individuals and organizations in various capacities, including providing assistance to residents in Sichuan, China after the 2008 earthquake and working with the families and friends of those on the missing Malaysian Airlines MH370 flight in 2014.

His expertise includes clinical psychology, health psychology, men’s health, trauma and recovery, marital and family therapy, mood, psychotic and anxiety disorders, stress management, and team building. He has experience working with pre-teens, teens and adults, and has conducted workshops and seminars throughout the Caribbean, the US and Asia.

Our Core Team of Clinicians

We partner with certified, dedicated, internationally renowned clinicians who share our passion, purpose, and vision.

Dr. Claudine HYATT

Clinical Psychologist & Traumatologist


Mental Health Therapist

Dr. Theo A COPE

Psychologist & Psychotherapist

Dr. Dipti YADAV


Heather PINEDA

Counsellor & Educational Psychologist


Associate Clinical Psychologist

ZHU LiGang

Mental Health Therapist


Mental Health Therapist

Hui Wen TONG

Mental Health Counsellor

Joanne TAN

Psychotherapist & counsellor

Yvonne Y. M. CHEN

Mental Health Therapist

Nandini NAGPAL

Mental Health Counsellor

Germaine TAN

Mental Health Therapist

Notable Experiences

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Workshops & Seminars for the Fortune 500

Focused workshops for a range of Fortune 500 corporations.

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Leading Roles in Times of Crisis

Psychological support amid the MH370 disappearance and the 2008 Sichuan earthquake.

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International School Support

Extensive background in serving the needs of school communities.

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