Calm International is a dedicated practice with the aim of assisting individuals in making his or her mark in today’s changing and challenging world. It caters to all cognitive and relationship issues of people of all ages, with a vision of providing reasonable and relevant mental health services of a high standard and professional quality to individuals at all levels of society.

Starting with the child, we provide a wholistic assessment, including but not limited to psychoeducational assessment, that ensures that s/he structures studies based on a personal way of learning and not a general formula of “one size fits all”.  We also assist the child in adapting to challenges that s/he might encounter growing up.

For the adult, we empower the mind so that the individual can make the best investments and decisions in today’s complex and changing world, while being mentally sharp and emotionally stable in order to guarantee professional success.

For the organization, we help you track the happiness index and mental wellbeing of your most important resources - your staff! This is done through training and programs specifically designed and tailored for your workforce. Again, we do not employ a “one size fits all” approach.

Calm international has at its helm, leading doctors and therapists in Asia with a stellar track record in helping individuals, business leaders, diplomats, NGOs and governmental organizations over the past 20 years, during times of growth and stability, as well as times of major crises.

Our practice has helped individuals address various emotional, environmental and psychological challenges, guiding adults in career growth, as well as in personal wellbeing and development. We have also provided organizations with the ability to address their staff profile and strengthen the gaps in various stages of their growth across Asia.

All words, emotions and actions begin with and in the mind. Therefore, empowering the mind is the most rational and important investment and training we can do for ourselves.

Professional Team

Kean A. Yeoh
Business Development Director
Mary Chan
Mental Health Counsellor
Dr Stephen-Claude Hyatt
Clinical Health Psychologist
& Traumatologist
(Desmond) Tan Jiunn Kiat
Executive Partner
Dr. Claudine Hyatt
Clinical Psychologist
& Traumatologist