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Wellness Begins
With You.


Cognitive Assurance Life Management International (CALM Intl) is the brain child
of Dr. Stephen-Claude Hyatt and Mr. Desmond Tan.
The company was created in response to a need in the market for such an organisation.
Whether it is destressing your workforce, increasing productivity through emotional stability,
or any other adaptability quotient need, we have a solution.

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Professional Team

Kean A. Yeoh
Business Development Director
Mary Chan
Mental Health Therapist / Partner
Dr Stephen-Claude Hyatt
Clinical Health Psychologist
& Traumatologist
(Desmond) Tan Jiunn Kiat
Executive Partner
Dr. Claudine Hyatt
Clinical Psychologist
& Traumatologist


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Workshops & Support Groups

Happiness Habits Through Group Psychotherapy


Individual Coaching: Lunch Time

Monday - Saturday

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